Toyota publishes teaser of its third electric model bZ

Toyota just yesterday launched its copy of the EV family with the launch in China of the bZ3a sedan that takes much of the style bZ4x, especially in the front. Now, a new model is close to arriving, so let’s see a new teaser of a bZ vehicle.

This mysterious model looks like a liftback or a hatchback, especially for its rear design. Also striking is the panel space in the ceiling, revealing the style feature. The shadows do a good job of hiding the rest of the vehicle, but it looks like it has a similar front end to the other bZs.

A fender flare is noticeable, while its rear silhouette is curiously sporty. The light in the image is reflected through the angular taillights, which are likely to be similar to those on the bZ4X.

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Toyota offers little information about it, only that it is a “Toyota bZ series model under development«. The Japanese firm plans to continue expanding the family of bZ models, which would be mounted on the e-TNGA platform.

It is unknown if this mysterious model will reach the United States, just as it is not known if the vehicle launched in China will reach North American soil. It has a lot to do with the fact that the bZ4x, released in the US in early 2022, was not perfect.

For now, it is very difficult to get its powertrain right, so we will have to wait a few more months. The manufacturer did not say when there will be new advances, so we will have to be attentive.

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