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toyota race

Thinking of buying a Toyota Raize? Here we get you out of doubt, although the final decision will be yours.

Welcome to the era of lifted subcompacts with four plastics on the sides, these vehicles can no longer be called crossovers, let’s just say they are subcompact crossovers, while Mitsubishi dedicates itself to giving legendary names to unimaginably ridiculous cars like “Eclipse Cross”. Toyota ignites a light of hope, in the midst of pure Latin American mediocrity, where you can have “little trucks, but with motorcycle consumption”, meet here the new Toyota Raize in all its modesty.

The Toyota Raize Story

Many say that Raize has no ancestors, but they are wrong. The Toyota Raize, in fact it is not a Toyota, it is a Daihatsu, a subsidiary of Toyota in Indonesia, where it was initially manufactured as the Daihatsu Rockythe same car that conquered the hearts of lovers of little Japanese Kei cars, off-road, over there, for the beginning of the new millennium.

Daihatsu Rocky
Daihatsu Rocky

In those days the Daihatsu Rocky, with a 1.6 liter engine, was competing with the Suzuki Jimmy Samuray. Today, 16 years after that vehicle’s worldwide discontinuation, the Rocky returns as Raize.

Toyota Raize exterior

Let’s start on the outside, there’s not much to say, let’s be clear that this vehicle is uglyalthough we can define it as the marquee version of the Toyota Urban Cruiser and speaking of dimensions, it is small, if you think that in a photo it looks as big as a Kia Sportsage or a Hyundai Tucson, well you are very wrong. In fact, its size is much more compact than a Ford Eco Sportas well as a renault sandero

Dimensions Toyota Raize hmm
Total height) 1635
Total width) 1710
Length (Overall) 4030
Wheelbase (Overall) 2525
toyota race
toyota race
toyota race
toyota race

Toyota Raize Interior and Safety

Inside there are no complaints, fully equipped, good safety, as is typical of Toyota, including traction and stability control. Although you have to be a sovereign animal, to lose control or stability with this car, but it has it, and that’s what counts, in addition to the ABS Brakes. It is compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. The interior equipment is good:

  • Cloth garments with leather details.
  • Leather steering wheel and lever
  • 8” touch screen.
  • 7” multifunctional screen.
  • 6 speakers.
  • Paddle shifters on the steering wheel.
  • Automatic A/C.
  • Compatible with Appler Carplay and Android Auto
Toyota Raize inside
Toyota Raize Interior
Toyota Raize interior
Toyota Raize interior
Toyota Raize inside
Toyota Raize inside
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Toyota Raize engine

We are going to touch on what is really important in the Raize, the reason why you would buy this Toyota, then we present the engine options, there are two for Latin America, and we do not say America, because the gringos do not want this in their country.

Option 1: Mexico, Dominican Republic and Panama Option 2: Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Dominican Republic and Panama
-1.0 Turbo Engine
-3 cylinders
-97 hp rpm 6000 rpm.
-Torque 103 pound-feet at 2400-4000 rpm.
-CVT transmission and MT 5 speed.
-FWD drive
-1.2 engine
-3 cylinders
-88 hp and 6000 rpm
-Torque 113 pound-feet at 4500 rpm
-CVT transmission and MT 5 Speed
-FWD drive

if you live in Chile, Peru, Colombia or Ecuador you receive the 1.2-liter aspirated, if you live in Mexico the 1.0-liter Turbo, while in the Dominican Republic and Panama both engines are available.

Toyota Raize engine
Toyota Raize engine

Pros and cons of the Toyota Raize with 1.2 engine

  • Disadvantage: The car is olderToyota has already used it in the Thai and Indian market for several years and is slowIt goes from 0 to 100 Km/ in 11 seconds and the vibrations are felt at high rpm.
  • Advantage: The bodywork of the Raize is extremely light, with that engine the car does not reach even a thousand kilograms of weight, that is why it is agile, really efficient. The 1.2 liter Toyota Raize reaches up to 15.5 Km/L or 56 Km/GL. What makes it the best-performing gas crossover on the market, it also has good safety and is well equipped.

Pros and Cons of the Toyota Raize with a 1.0-liter turbo engine

  • Disadvantage: It is more expensive and heavier than the 1.2 without turbo and it does exactly the same, with 97 horsepower, it achieves 11 seconds from 0 to 100 Km/hr, its fuel consumption of 15.5 Km/L or 56 Km/GL and it also has vibrations at high rpm.
  • Advantage: Good fuel efficiency, well equipped, good level of safety.

Common faults of the Toyota Raize

Not many faults have been reported because as we already know it is still a relatively new car; however, we check and we saw the following complaints from some customers:

  • Lack of power.
  • Engine noise.
  • Road noise in the cabin.
  • Complaint about the sound equipment.

Toyota Raize Reviews

We like the new Toyota Raize, it’s good, it responds to the needs of the attacking public, the two engines are good, well equipped, with a good level of safety and most importantly, with excellent fuel efficiency, the best in the category and segment. Excellent resale value, as the popular saying goes “Toyota is Toyota”, with a reasonable price according to its market. So it’s not much, but it’s honest work.

Toyota Raize FAQ

A: The Toyota Raize is made in Indonesiaon a platform of the subsidiary of Toyota, Daihatsu.

How much is it worth in Toyota Raize?

A: In Latin America its price varies from US$14,000 to US$20,000, depending on the country, the engine and the versions you want.

What engine does the Toyota Raize have?

A: The Toyota Raize you have two options of engine, the 1.2 liter aspirated 3 cylinder which is sold in Ecuador, Chile, Peru, Panama, the Dominican Republic and Colombia, the 1.0 liter Turbo 3 cylinder engine it is sold in Mexico, Panama and the Dominican Republic.

What type of Gasoline does the Toyota Raize use?

A: Toyota recommends gasoline of 93 octane for the Root.

What is the top speed of the Toyota Raize?

A: It has a Maximum speed of 175km/h and it does 0-100 km/h in 11 seconds.

How much horsepower does the Toyota Raize have?

The 1.2 liter Toyota Raize it has 88 horsepowerwhile the 1.0-liter Turbo has 96 horsepower.

Toyota Raize Video

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