Toyota tops list of cheapest cars to keep for a decade

Toyota tops list of cheapest cars to keep for a decade

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Although we may not like to admit it, sometimes stereotypes are rooted in a glimmer of reality. That is the case of the “old Reliable and cheap Toyota which reported last week is, in fact, quite cheap to repair and maintain.

2023 Toyota Prius
Toyota Prius 2023.
Credit: Courtesy

The least expensive Toyota cars to maintain

The site reported that Toyotas, on average, cost $5,996 to maintain for 10 years, with six car models considered the least expensive to maintain. The site reported that prius, Yaris, Corolla, Prius Prime, Camry Y Avalon they were the least expensive models to maintain for 10 years, with the Honda Fit taking the number 7 position.

2023 Toyota Corolla Hatchback
The 2023 Toyota Corolla Hatchback adds bold new colors.
Credit: Toyota | Courtesy

Toyota has established itself as a trusted brand

Few would be surprised at Toyota’s top ranking in the least expensive cars to keep for 10 years. Toyota generally ranks among Consumer Reports’ Most Reliable Cars. This yearToyota ranked first in the ranking of the most reliable and indirectly also ranked second: Lexus ranked second ahead of BMW. It is logical that the fewer times a car is in the workshop, the less expensive it will be to maintain.

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2023 Toyota Camry
Toyota Camry 2023.
Credit: Toyota | Courtesy

Other brands with cheap maintenance costs

Mitsubishi, Honda, Mazda and Nissan rounded out the top five in’s ranking. The least expensive national brand to maintain was Chevrolet at No. 14 at $9,625 over 10 years, and the least expensive luxury brand to maintain was Tesla at $5,867, according to the report.

The most expensive brands to maintain

Secondly, the most expensive non-luxury brand to maintain over 10 years was the Ram at $16,802 and the Ram 3500 at $25,844.

2021 Toyota Avalon
Toyota Avalon.
Credit: Toyota | Courtesy

Porsche ranked first among luxury brands with a 10-year anticipated cost of ownership of $22,075 dollars, and Cayenne ranked first among luxury models with an anticipated cost of maintenance of $20,552 dollars.

This should give you an idea of ​​which vehicle you should choose when heading to buy a new model, as the maintenance costs of a vehicle can become too high over the years, however, a good choice could save you thousands of dollars. Dollars.

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