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Toyota’s most bizarre and unexpected sports car will come true thanks to Gazoo Racing

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Toyota’s most bizarre sports car is on its way. Some will see it as crazy, many others as a sin, but at Gazoo Racing they are working on a Toyota Prius GRMN and that is great news. After 5 generations defending a philosophy where there has been no room for anything other than maximum efficiency, The Toyota Prius has shown us that it wants to change and so much so that it is also encouraged to have its own high-performance variant.

In recent years Toyota has more than shown us that sportsmanship is something that matters to them, and a lot, giving wings to the Gazoo Racing division to put sports-cut finishes on the market under the GR-Sport seal in practically all of its range, but also specific models such as the GR Yaris, GR86 and GR Supra.

Building a Toyota Prius GRMN may sound crazy, but we can’t wait to see it on the streets

And this new philosophy promoted by the already ex-CEO Akio Toyoda, also wants to reach the hybrid par excellence of the brand, the Toyota Prius. With the presentation of the current fifth generation, Toyota has radically changed registrationdiscovering a car that will only be marketed in a plug-in hybrid version, which reaches 224 CV of power and also has a really attractive design, as well as being very different from its predecessors.

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But in this change of trend in the Prius saga, there would still be more to discover, as reported by the Japanese media. Best Car. Gazoo Racing would already be developing a sporty version of the new Prius under the GRMN label, extracting more power from its hybrid configuration, installing new suspensions, making its chassis more rigid and ultimately improving its dynamic behavior. Aesthetically we would also find changes that would add character to this version, but offering an interesting cocktail where efficiency and sportiness would be mixed to create a compact that is less peculiar.

In the absence of official confirmation on this project, which also rumors point to a launch for 2024, What it does seem that we will see in the Toyota Prius is a GR-Sport finish that provides a plus of spice aesthetically, in addition to taking better advantage of the 224 CV that the new plug-in hybrid engine develops.

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