Truck crashes into an Apple store in Boston, leaving at least one dead and 16 injured

A man lost his life after his truck crashed into an Apple store in Hingham, Massachusetts last Monday morning. Another 16 people were injured.

It was a 2019 Toyota 4Runner that hit the enclosure at full speed, breaking the glass and hitting several people, District Attorney Tim Cruz said at a news conference.

The injured were both inside and outside the store, some were left trapped against the wall of the premises, according to Hingham Fire Chief Steve Murphy. Witnesses helped the injured.

The South Shore Hospital received patients with head trauma, “shattered limbs” and serious injuries.

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The driver iswith the police, according to the authorities, although they did not give further details. Cruz confirmed that the causes of the incident are being investigated.

Person Deceased was identified as Kevin Bradley, 65 years old, originally from New Jersey. “This morning was an unthinkable morning and people are trying to get over it and process what happened,” Cruz said.

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