Truck driver runs over the motorcycle of a criminal who stole a pedestrian’s cell phone in Santiago de Chile (+Video)

Truck driver runs over a criminal's motorcycle in Santiago de Chile
Image courtesy of Chilevision – Truck driver runs over a criminal’s motorcycle in Santiago de Chile

A new event where citizens take justice into their own hands has taken place when a Truck driver runs over criminal’s motorcycle after witnessing that he had stolen the cell phone of a young pedestrian who was walking down the street in the Santiago Centro commune in Chile.

The fact was recorded through the camera of a third vehicle that noticed the incident. Taking the law into their own hands, according to experts, is becoming more frequent given the feeling of insecurity who lives in the country.

Driver runs over criminal motorcycle in Santiago

As mentioned, the video shows the exact moment a motorcycle snatches a young man’s cell phone, leading to a confrontation between the two in order to recover it.

After witnessing this fact, the truck driver he tried to help the victim by crossing the road to the side of the motorcycle and stepping over it in order to destroy it.

Yes ok, the offender managed to flee In the same way, he had to do it on foot, since his means of transport was left lying on the floor.

Truck driver runs over a criminal’s motorcycle in Santiago de Chile


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It is worth mentioning that, although these types of cases have only been increasing, the police authorities call on citizens not to take risks and memorize the characteristics of the thieves in order to provide the necessary information to the police.

In this case, no further information is known about it, neither about the driver, nor about the young man and less about the whereabouts of the offender.


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Fountain: Chilevision

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