Uber Moto: the new transfer option for users in Tampico, MX

Recently the company Uber announced its new option for users in Mexico, the section of Uber Moto.

Officially the mobility franchise Uber announced its new service launch in Tampico. Under the modality Uber Motorcyclewhich is already available, users can ride through motorcycles through the app and is the first city in Tamaulipas to implement this transfer option, reported the company in Mexico.

According to what Esteban Illades, Uber shared ride communication manager in Mexico, explained, the southern area of ​​Tamaulipas joins a dozen cities in the country with this new mobility alternative to move «reliably, efficiently and with security measures» that are part of your offer.

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“At Uber we believe that our technology is a tool that helps improve mobility in places like Tampico, since it offers more reliable and accessible solutions to all its inhabitants, such as Uber Moto”, declared the manager.

Thus, Uber Moto allows users to request motorcycle trips with driver partners registered on the platform. All users who open the application will see this new option in the menuwhich will complement the mobility options already available in the port.

Trips from this new section can be made day by day, while having all the benefits provided by the app. Similarly, will boost the local economy by allowing motorcycle drivers to use its platform. This allows them to generate higher profits and improve the quality of life for their families.

“Uber is always committed to innovation in mobility. Such is the case in Tampico, as well as in the more than 70 cities where it is available in Mexico. With Uber Moto we reinforce our commitment to help build a more efficient and inclusive mobility ecosystem, one that reduces the time that its inhabitants spend on transfers and that provides a more reliable and democratic mobility alternative.”Illades concluded.

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