Uber user stabbed his driver to death and recorded himself doing it in Louisiana


A 54-year-old Uber driver is stabbed to death by her passenger in Louisiana, who recorded the fact.

Uber passenger recorded while stabbing his driver several times

a driver of Uber, Yolanda Dillion he drove his passenger from New Orleans to his motel in the suburbs.

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Around 3 pm on Thursday, Dillion54 years old, parked the car in the travelodge in Harvey, Louisiana, to drop off his passenger and continue on his route. To the driver’s surprise, the subject stabbed her several times from her back seat and left her, leaving her to bleed to death.

brandon jacobs, 29-year-old, was charged with second-degree murder and killing an employee of 10 years at the New Orleans Police Departmentwho earned extra money driving for Uber and Uber Eats. Jefferson Parish Sheriff, Joseph Lopinto III, I couldn’t find words to describe such an act of violence towards a defenseless person.

Jacobs and Dillion they did not know each other at all, so the event was an isolated event.

“His confession basically said that he woke up yesterday morning and decided that he was going to kill someone and decided that would be the day.” said I paint it.

Uber is helping authorities with the investigation and has contacted the family of Dillion to express condolences.

“We are extremely disturbed by this senseless attack,” the spokesman said in an email.

Uber maintains safety standards for its drivers. These include an in-app emergency button that, when activated, sends trip details to 911 along with a requirement that passengers with anonymous payment forms upload images of their government IDs.

From the beginning jacobs planned to request an Uber ride in the travelodge where he was staying, go to New Orleans and murder the driver, however he waited to return to the hotel to commit the crime.

“When we asked him specifically, ‘How did you choose it?’ her response was: ‘I didn’t choose her. Uber picked her up,’ which means she was the random person who picked him up that day.” said I paint it.

Apparently jacobs recorded the event and published it on Facebook. I paint it described the images as “horrible”. The social network removed them.

After stabbing the driver, jacobs got out of the vehicle and “casually” he went to his room.

While the authorities were conducting investigations, the suspect was hiding, they found his whereabouts when he went out to smoke.

“He thought we were gone” said the sheriff.

After investigation, they found the knife in the hotel room where the murderer was staying.

The superintendent of the New Orleans Police Department, Shaun Ferguson, described to Dillion as calm and humble, “a little giant” .

“Truly a lovely person”, said fergusonadding that the news of his violent death “He tore our employees apart this morning.”

“It definitely surprised everyone,” said.

The actor Wendell Pierceknown for playing the jaded homicide detective of Baltimore Bunk Moreland in “The Wire” regretted the event. Pierce published in Twitter for people to remember Dilliondescribing it as “my church member for decades, a woman with a heart of gold and a deep love for God.”

The mother of Dillion, Ednasaid she was an only child, was born and raised in New Orleans, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in sociology from the Xavier University and a master’s degree in the same subject Tulane University.

Dillion I used to go to the St. Paul the Apostle Catholic ChurchHe had no children of his own, but loved those of St. Paul. She had gathered dozens of red and green bags to fill with goodies and give away.

“She was fun-loving,” said a cousin, Marlene Riley. “She was still a big girl.”

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