Unboxed Teaser Campaign Creates New SUV To Debut Jan. 31st

If you follow the AS Mazda team on social media, you’ll know the CX-90 is coming soon. In fact, you might think it would be coming January 12th, which is the day this post went live. Now, we know the new Mazda SUV debuts on January 31, and there will be more social posts between now and then showing the CX-90 components coming together.

This is Mazda’s official teaser campaign for its month-end debut, called CX-90: Unboxed. Yes, that means the automaker’s other post this week is a teaser more teasers, but the CX-90 was a big deal for Mazda. In a world where automotive electrification is developing at an accelerating pace, the Japanese brand is lagging behind its competitors. The all-new model will be Mazda’s first widely available electric vehicle, promising a plug-in hybrid powertrain that also includes a new inline six engine.

Mazda CX-90 teaser cut

The first teaser video featured at the top of this post shows all kinds of vehicle components being unboxing, including the engine. Power details aren’t yet known – perhaps this was revealed before its debut in a teaser, but we already know that the CX-90 will be the most powerful Mazda production model ever offered for sale. And while a plug-in hybrid setup was confirmed, we don’t know what it is only powertrains available.

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The CX-90 should replace the CX-9 in Mazda’s lineup. As such, it will be a bigger SUV but the automaker is sticking with it zoom-zoom reputation with references to being a driver’s vehicle. Previous teasers highlighted many iconic performance models from Mazda’s past, suggesting the CX-90 will take its own place in that group. And then Mazda is outright saying that the CX-90 is built around its driver.

Expect to learn more about the CX-90 in the next few weeks via a teaser while waiting for a full reveal. Mazda didn’t say outright it would be January 31, but with the company “on the clock” and a 19-day countdown starting today, it brings us to the last day of the month.

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