USA: Elderly Cuban woman lives in her car in Miami; network campaign seeks to help her pay the rent

An elderly woman is going through difficult financial times, so she decided live in your car in the city of Miami, Florida. His case has gone viral because of the social media campaign where to ask for help find him a rent.

A Facebook user named Ana Aláez made the call and explained that the woman was renting with her partner who recently passed away.

“URGENT HOMELESS Living in his car!! Clarita needs help. She was renting and her roommate passed away.” the complaint begins.

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He also commented that women can afford at least US$650 for rent, which can be a room or a trailer.

Someone who knows someone who can help find a place. She can pay up to $650 here in Miami or Broward. Even a trailer. Willing to rent a room tooAlaez added.

“We are helping her for a few days, but let’s help with a permanent solution” Aláez requested, in addition to explaining that if someone donates a trailer the situation would be solved.

I’m going to make a GoFund page for her. Please share and call or text me to help you 305-303-1177”, concludes. In the publication you can see images of the old woman with her belongings in the car.

It is worth mentioning that the portal Zumper, A page specialized in real estate projected that Miami will be one of the five cities with the highest rents during 2023.

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