USA: Garbage truck slides out of control down a slippery hill in Washington

December was a difficult month in terms of weather in the united state. In Richland, Wash. a layer of snow covered the streets, making them slippery for both people and vehicles. This was demonstrated by a garbage truck when it ended up skidding sideways down a residential street.

The incident was recorded on video and it shows how the garbage truck is out of control. The back of it shoots out crashing into trash cans throwing its contents to the ground.

The slide continues until the case hits a group of inflatable Christmas decorations. One of the consequences is that a trash can collided with a tree and crushed it to the ground. Moments later, the driver manages to control the vehicle, straighten it out and bring it to a stop.

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Fortunately, there were no cars on the road at the time of the accident, since when the truck was on its side it took up the entire road, so it would have hit any vehicle. In fact, at the end of the street you can see a red chevrolet camaro That could have been a side effect.

The video ends with the truck stopped next to an upright trash can and someone coming out to pick it up. According to its description, the city has failed to plow this steep hill, which has caused multiple accidents.

A thin layer of snow can hide patches of ice or make roads slippery, making driving a chore.

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