USA: Maserati Ghibli is destroyed after being hit by a train in Boston (+ Video)

A maserati ghibli It was completely destroyed after it was run over by a Boston Green Line train near the Boston University Bridge.

The accident occurred around 3:00 p.m. on November 23, when a family aboard the aforementioned vehicle was on its way to pick up your child at the aforementioned university to celebrate Thanksgiving. However, they were scared to death when the driver he turned in front of the train.

In conversation with the media, the driver blamed his “own stupidity” for what happened, since he turned without seeing the train. “It happened very fast, fast and fast,” he said. “[Yo] I was turning left, I didn’t see the train. I feel good now, we are tough people.”

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The train impacted on the driver’s side, causing considerable damage and forcing the occupants to escape from the passenger side. Although he will now need a new car, the driver was in a good mood after the accident.

“We’re going to Randolph for Thanksgiving,” he said. “But, we are all safe, we are all healthy. Happy Thanksgiving everyone, we’ve got the turkey in the trunk, we’re going to have fun!”

The police were forced to suspend the services of the line while they solved the problems caused by the accident.

No one was injured and some occupants of the train did not know what had happened until the conductor spoke to them over the public address system.

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