USA: Mob of 30 thieves steals 13 vehicles from dealership in Michigan

the police of Michigan is on the trail of several criminals who they stole 13 cars from a Fint area dealership earlier in the week.

The vehicles were protected by a 7,000 volt electrified fence and patrolled by an armed security guard. The media claim that a mob of 30 men stole the cars.

Police Chief Terrance Green told Fox 2 Detroit that it is not the first time thieves attack dealerships. According to the officer, there are “groups that travel from other parts of the state just to victimize these batches.” However, it is the first time that They exchange shots with the police.

It was revealed that at least two were stolen Dodge Durango and a 2022 Ford Mustang. The driver of the latter crashed during the police chase. The car caught fire and the driver died.

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This theft is just one of many high profile targeting dealerships and car lots in the whole area. During the month of September, a dozen Ford Mustangs were pulled from the Flat Rock plant. While Jeep had two Wagoneers stolen in a different part of the Detroit metropolitan area.

While in the past month of June, the police recovered 13 Ford F-150 Raptors. Although, the antisocials kept multiple copies of the truck. Even minors have been known to be involved in carjacking this year.

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