USA: Pickup Truck Driver Crashes into Volvo Dealership, Destroys Five Cars

Last week five vehicles from a Volvo dealership were destroyed after a pickup truck collided with them.

The agency is located at Exeter, New Hampshire and authorities reported the van was heading south on Portsmouth Avenue when the driver lost control of it.

Consequently, the unit initially struck only one parked Volvo before striking a second. The force of the impact was such that it caused damage to three other cars.

Two of the damaged Volvos are XC60 And, the images show that the most affected was the blue one with its front fascia destroyed, as well as the bumper, the grille and one of the headlights. There is also damage to the interior.

The images shared on Facebook by the Exeter Police Department they show another XC60, this one black, hit from the side and pushed into another vehicle of the same model.

the deputy chief of police Josh McCain said no employees were injured in the accident. He detailed that the driver of the van was not seriously injured, but was taken to Exeter Hospital for further evaluation. The causes of the accident are being investigated.

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