USA: Stafford police catch teen driving Ford Mustang at 108 mph in 40 mph zone

USA: Stafford police catch teen driving Ford Mustang at 108 mph in 40 mph zone

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the police of Virginia captured a 17-year-old boy driving a Ford Mustang going 172 kmp (108 mph) in a 40 mph zone.

According to the Stafford County office, the youth was caught thanks to a team effort and the use of police radio.

“First Sergeant BW Collins was in the 500 block of Poplar Road when he observed a northbound Ford Mustang traveling 108 mph in the posted 40 mph zone. The sergeant first activated his emergency kit, but the suspect continued north and passed another vehicle on a curve, reads the sheriff’s post on Facebook.

It also reported that the minor was handed over to a parent with citations for evading, faulty brakes, expired registration, overtaking on a curve, and reckless driving. Now, the young man has a court date on February 9.

The Carscoops portal explains that the officers had a bit of luck, since there was at least 5.6 miles between the place where the police reported seeing the Mustang, and the place where they stopped the vehicle. Therefore, there are several places where the driver could have hidden.

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The teen should be grateful to be a minor, as the Commonwealth of Virginia heavily punishes people who break the law behind the wheel.

In fact, exceeding the speed limit by more than 20 mph is a criminal offense in lieu of a moving violation.

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