USA: Teen Arrested for Allegedly Handing Out Fake Parking Tickets to Collect Money in California

A 19-year-old young man was arrested for allegedly trying to defraud the drivers of the city of Santa Cruz, Calif. with fake tickets. There is no information on how many citations the suspect served.

Santa Cruz police shared images of a fake ticket alongside a real one in order to warn drivers about the scam and make it easier to identify fraudulent penalties. The security body notifies that it received reports about this crime in the beach area on the night of December 21.

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It is reported that the person responsible is a master criminal, but they also reported the capture of the suspect, a 19-year-old youth.

identified as Damien Vela, admitted having delivered fake parking tickets but denied having received the payments.

The tickets, which appear to have been placed in a hand-held envelope, appear to be a receipt and their title reads “Santa Cruz Parking Payment” in Comic Sans font, which is bracketed by two palms.

In addition, the tickets have a QR code that links victims to a website where the fraudulent citation is paid. The example in the image is a fine for $42. The police are not aware of people who have paid a false fine.

Vela was imprisoned for “illegal use of a computer system” and “attempted fraud”, reports the local police.

Officials urge the community to contact the City of Santa Cruz Parking Office if you have canceled a false ticket.

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