USA: Tesla ends up at the bottom of a pool in Pasadena, California (+VIDEO)

A Tesla car made the news again for something negative this Tuesday. A model from the famous electric vehicle firm ended up at the bottom of a swimming pool in Pasadena, California.

NBC LA reported that a driver “he apparently hit the accelerator, instead of the brake, sending a car through a wall and into the pool.” The incident occurred in the 700 block of West California Blvd around 9:00 am.

Fortunately, the two passengers and the four-year-old boy who were in the car were rescued by staff members from a nearby school.

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Later, the vehicle was removed with a crane. Unfortunately, there were no further details about the event, such as the state of health of the victims or the model of the Tesla.

Can a Tesla Model S be completely submerged in water?

Yes and no. Tesla didn’t design the Model S to be completely submerged in water, but clean technique reported at the time that an owner of Model S Plaid approached Gruber Motor Company about making that car underwater waterproof.

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The goal was to drive the vehicle through a artificial pool 90 feet long and six feet deep. Also loaded with 2,000 pounds of lead as ballast and a driver in a suit.

It didn’t work out though, although the car floated pretty well through the distance of the pool. But unfortunately, it had to be towed in the end.

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