USA: This Greenwich mansion has a 36-car garage

A property located in Greenwich, Connecticut valued at $33,800,000 It has many relevant aspects to mention.

One of these is its sprawl of 17,878 square feet of living space on 19.1 acres of property. But what stands out the most is the basement garage, who has space for 30 cars.

The property was built in 2009, a house with 10 rooms, 14.5 baths and seven wood burning fireplaces. A three-car garage is also added. This means that spaces are raised to 36a ample space for the type of collection the owner can afford.

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According to the images that are disseminated, the owners have an affinity for Porsche, the at least six visible 911s certify it.

If this seems outrageously expensive to you, consider that this price is a bargain when compared to other mansions, which fetch prices of $62 million in Los Angeles.

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