USA: Two Dodge Durango were damaged in attempted robbery at Detroit factory

Thefts at plants in the area of Detroit they keep happening. Now some assailants tried extract two SUV Dodge Durango, but a metal fence stopped them from escaping with the cars, according to WWJ 950.

The images of the incident were published by the WWJ 950 journalist, Ryan H Marshall, where two Durango are shown spoiled on a hill in front of the plant Jefferson North from the vehicle manufacturer in Detroit. The fences that surround the compound prevented the criminals from getting away with it.

The lead-colored Durango suffered considerable damage to its front bumper, a place that was swallowed by the impact with the fence. The second was also damaged with a Deep cut into the passenger side front bumper, fender and headlight.

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It is unknown if there were more cars involved or if the property had additional damage, but the images provided allow you to see a crane On Site, which is presumed to have been used to remove the vehicles.

Stellantis reported that he is working with the police on “the attempted theft of several vehicles. The event occurred this Tuesday around 00:30 and the investigation is still open. The conglomerate will not make any further statements in this regard.

Thefts of this style are becoming frequent. In fact, last month, some 30 people escaped with 13 cars from a car dealership Flint, Mich. The facility’s electric fence and an armed guard were not enough to contain the assault.

While last June the police recovered 13 Ford F-150 Raptors stolen. Police arrested three suspects and discovered a stolen Mustang.

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