USA: Two police officers arrested after drunken crash in Florida

A couple of accidents in similar conditions occurred in Florida and involved two police officers, while They were driving while intoxicated. One of these occurred when an off-duty officer hit an idle car.

In the second incident, an off-duty officer rear-ended other motorists before fleeing the scene. Both were arrested.

The first accident was led by an officer Miami-Dade identified as Leopold Lewis, 42, who drove his patrol car into another parked vehicle while he was off duty and drunk.

Lewis fled the scene before he was arrested and now faces abandonment charges the scene, drunk driving and DUI with property damage.

“This officer endangered the public in the very vehicle that the community has entrusted to him as a symbol of protection.”, said the director of MDPD, Alfredo Ramirez in a statement to local television. “I will not tolerate any representative of the Miami-Dade Police Department jeopardizing the trust of the community.”

The other officer who was arrested for a similar incident was Doug Rutoskey, 36, who rear-ended a motorist while under the influence of alcohol.

Rutoskey was driving his patrol car and fled the scene after the crash. He only stopped after hitting a construction barrier with your patrol.

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My opinion is that he was in shock; She didn’t even know what was going on”, said the man in the crashed vehicle, Roger Mason. “Even this morning, after all, I was in shock. I can’t believe this has happened.”

This type of accident is frequent in the United States. On November 16, another off-duty police officer, Sergeant Peter Feffes of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, received a citation on charges of driving under the influence of alcohol.

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