USA: Vehicle collision in Houston leaves five people injured: one in critical condition

This Saturday there was a strong accident between two vehicles in Houston, leaving five people injured According to the local police report.

The incident occurred around 11 p.m., when a car crashed against the side of a truck causing it to roll over and hit a wooden light pole between Aldine Westfield and Little York in north Houston.

The light pole can be seen towards the front of the truck bed, just behind the driver and passenger seats.

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The first to arrive at the scene was the state fire department who worked half an hour to to be able to remove the people who were trapped inside the truck.

According to the report, five civilians suffered injuries from the crash and were taken to the hospital, one of them in serious condition.

The first investigations affirm that one of the two vehicles was passed a red traffic light, causing the accident. At the moment, the authorities are trying to clarify responsibilities.

If you have any information regarding the accident, we encourage you to contact investigators at the Houston Police Department.

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