Used cars in Chile are $2 million cheaper: these are the models that have dropped the most in price

Cheaper used cars in Chile
Cheaper used cars in Chile

The used cars in Chili They have had a huge rise in prices with a peak in March, however, for a few months they have been on the decline, and currently, you can get close to $2 million cheaper.

According to Ruben Méndez, Marketing Manager of Movicenter, there is currently more stock, added to the fact that the demand is lower, it makes the prices of used cars cheaper.

As mentioned by T13, in November there has been a 4% drop compared to October in terms of prices. And compared to the March top price, it represents 12%. Regarding this, Carolina Klee, Carsales Regional Marketing Manager, mentions that a person can go out to buy a used vehicle and would find it $2 million pesos cheaper than in the month of March.

Cheaper used cars in Chile: Models that have dropped the most

According to a study by Chile Autos, there are models that have dropped more in price in recent times, specifically they are chevrolet sparkSuzuki Grand Vitara and toyota 4runner. Here is a table showing the prices and the percentage that has dropped:

Model January price October price Oct/Jan
chevrolet spark gt $7,100,000 $6,049,324 -fifteen%
suzuki grand vitara $12,331,667 $10,605,659 -14%
toyota 4runner $20,445,909 $17,878,359 -13%

This is quite beneficial for buyers who can choose a better car with the same budget or save a little when selecting the vehicle they had in mind.

Of course, these prices vary depending on the type of vehicle, according to Méndez hatchback The sedans have dropped less, with a price of $800,000 pesos less than in March, on the other hand, the difference is very noticeable in the SUVs that can now be obtained for $2 million pesos less, or perhaps a little more.

Cheaper used cars in Chile
Cheaper used cars in Chile

Klee recommends buying used cars now, and while prices are forecast to be lower by mid-2023, they won’t hit pre-pandemic values. In addition, this would depend on inflation and interest rates at the time.

Where can I find used cars in Chile?

It is possible to see the change that has occurred with respect to the previous months, and it is that chip shortage, just as problems in the supply chain led to such increases. Today it is possible to obtain used cars at a fairly convenient price, some pages where it is possible to buy, sell or find out about the used car prices in chile it is chileautos, BrunoFritsh, Used cars, Emol Automobiles, autocosmos either Free marketamong others.


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Source: T13

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