Video: I shot dead the criminal who tried to steal his car and then went to work as if nothing had happened

A man who was the victim of an attempted robbery ended up taking the life of his attacker, and after this he went to work.

The media announced the crime committed by a electronic engineer who killed a criminal with a shot to the chest in the Buenos Aires locality of Matanza.

the dark moment It was recorded by security cameras in the area. located between Paraguay and Constitución streets, in the heart of San Justo. the event happened This Thursday at 7 a.m.

The man, about 54 years old, He was arriving at work when a young man intercepted him to steal a car with a firearm.

For its part, the engineer took out the gun, opened the door and shot the thief in the chestwho I was 19 years old Y He had been released from jail a month ago. The offender was dressed in dark pants, a white shirt and a cap of the same color. After being shot, he fell to the ground a few meters away.

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on record it was shown that the thief was left lying in the street. In this context, the engineer specializing in electronics got out of the car, looked at the injured man and grabbed his phone.

immediately, andhe 54-year-old man got in the car, left the crime scene and parked a few blocks away of the place where the events took place.

After spending a few hours, the police found the body of the assailant and contacted the Homicide prosecutor, Gastón Duplaá, who was left in charge of the investigation. As he reported, the gun the thief was carrying was a replica.

After a deep investigation, they found the engineer and when they confronted him he was in total shock. In addition, he told the police everything that happened and gave them his pistol, a weapon 45 caliber.

The engineer collaborated with the authorities by giving his statement of the facts and was later released because the prosecutor understood that the fact was about “self defense”.

Attempts are still being made to establish his responsibility for the incident.

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