Video: man ended up dragging one of the two women who tried to steal his car

A new video is going viral in Chile where the moment in which a man reacts realizing that two women try to steal his vehicle, in Antofagasta.

In the record the man realizes that the women are inside the car, so he heads to the pilot’s door. At that moment he opens and He takes out one of those involved by pulling her by the foot. The video was broadcast in the first instance by the online medium Calama.

At that moment, the other woman leaves the vehicle and tries assault man to free his colleague that was being submitted by the victim of the attempted robbery.

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Seeing herself overcome by the subject’s force, she tries to break the car’s window, but is unsuccessful. She is also able to visualize the subject signaling to passers-by to call the police.

What did Carabineros say?

Iván Martínez, major of Carabineros explained that «the citizen’s arrest by the person and when the Carabineros passed by, who were carrying out a preventive patrol around the place, they proceeded to arrest these people to transfer them to the unit for the corresponding procedure.«.

One of the apprehended was older and was being sought by the Family Court, an instance where she has a complaint for alleged misfortune, while her partner is 26 years old.

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