video proof of an 80s icon

video proof of an 80s icon

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Today we bring you a very special video. Before the quarantine and confinement we moved to Asturias, where we were able to try a spectacular Ford Sierra RS Cosworth of the year 1986. A true icon of sports cars from the eighties, which we will show you in great detail in our latest production on our YouTube channel. After watching the video, it will be clear to you why it is such a special car, and why it is a car whose format was never repeated beyond those late eighties.

The Ford Sierra Cosworth born in the mid eighties. Ford wanted an affordable sports car, a car that could be competitive in competition, with an attractive street version. They called Cosworth, with whom they had been working on their competition programs for years, and proposed to raise a Ford Sierra to the nth power. Cosworth developed a new 2.0 turbo four-cylinder engine, with multi-valve cylinder head, electronic injectionand supercharged up to 204 CV by a turbo of enormous dimensions.

The spoiler on the Sierra RS Cosworth, imitated over and over again, was a true statement of intent.

Installed in a three-door Ford Sierra and weighing just 1,200 kilos, they made the RS Cosworth one of the fastest cars on sale. A car whose performance exceeded that of a BMW M3, for a fraction of its cost. In 1986, it was clearly the cheapest “200 CV” on the market, and it was an overwhelming commercial success in markets such as the British. Not only did a 0 to 100 km/h time of less than 7 seconds contribute to this, but also a very aggressive image and a spoiler that has already become an icon by itself.

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The interior of the Ford Sierra RS Cosworth was perhaps its most discreet point. Only a specific steering wheel and some Recaro seats gave clues as to what was under the hood., evident at a glance when viewing the exterior of the car. And it is that the Sierra RS Cosworth is one of those classics brimming with character, with an absolute role of mechanics. It is a turbo of the oldest school, with a lot of lag and a violent appearance on the scene of power. It is a nervous car to the limit, with a rear that will like to overtake you if you overdo it with the right pedal.

A mechanical self-locking differential is fitted as standard. But there are no more driving aids. Stability control is how cool our heads are.

It has that analogue feel that we miss in modern cars and is thrilling to drive. I will let my colleague David G. Artés tell you about it in more detail in the video that illustrates this article. It is a real pity that that segment of radical and relatively affordable sedans died at that time, mainly devastated by “marquitis”. From Diariomotor, we thank Miguel Jal, its ownerthe transfer of this unit to carry out this test.

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