Video shows how the driver ran over a man: he broke his legs and killed his dog (+ Sensitive images)

An argument got out of hand after a driver hit a retired sergeant and his dog, the morning of October 11 in MacapaBrazil.

The person responsible was arrested because the incident was intentional and, he also ran over his dog. It was also revealed that the deceased has an extensive criminal history with up to 17 threats.

This was identified as Adalberto Barreto Marquis and his arrest was confirmed by the commander of Battalion 6, Adam Leite. The victim was identified as Sgt. Arinaldo Marques.

Barreto was arrested at his home, in Pacova neighborhoodl, in the central region of the capital. The incident has become relevant due to the audiovisual records captured by nearby chambers of commerce.

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The clips allow us to see two subjects fighting in the middle of the public road at the intersection of Rua General Rondón, with Avenida FAB, near Praça da Bandeira.

In another of the videos you can see the sergeant with a machete in his hand breaking the model vehicle arguswhich would overwhelm him.

The officer was dragged two meters and the driver proceeded to flee, but two witnesses reported him to the police.

The information was revealed that both knew each other and would already have a disagreement. The official’s dog died during the fight.

The incident is being investigated by the Civil Police. The policeman ended up with a broken leg, authorities said.

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