Videos and photos: The Halloween party of motorcyclists that Venezuelans made in Chile and that generated hives in networks (+Tweets)

In social networks, a scandalous illegal Halloween party carried out by Venezuelans in Chile caused the annoyance of hundreds of natives.

Several Chileans were very upset and disagreed with the behavior they had some Venezuelans in Bella Vistaafter they put together a scandalous halloween party with motorcycles and other illegal acts.

In social networks, several natives criticized the concept of “Chilezuela” assuring that this kind of behavior on the part of Venezuelan immigrants has caused no respect is shown for civilization and its laws.

Likewise, they called on everyone to stop supporting this kind of situation regarding mass migrationemphasizing that ordering food at home, transportation in apps, buying from street vendors, among many other actions, should be stopped, so that migration standards can be lowered.

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On twitter, there were several who they denounced the party that took place in Bella Vista where hundreds of Venezuelans showed irregular behavioramong which even the use of firearms Y shots in the air in a crowded area.

others criticized the few actions that the Government of Gabriel Boric has taken as a measure to prevent this type of situation from continuing to occur, however, public entities have not issued a response to the claims.

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