VinFast VF 8 City Edition lowers its price and increases its range

The release to the market VinFast VF 8 City Edition was very unfortunate due to its asking price of $55,500 and only 179 mile range.

This fell short of what its rivals were offering, but was promised to improve via a software update. This seems to have arrived since VinFast notes that the VF 8 Eco City Edition now boasts an estimated range of 207 miles or 333 km on a single charge.

The company did not provide further details, but it is an increase of 28 miles. The good news continues, as prices have been reduced with a l VF 8 Eco City Edition in $49,000. Also, the VF 8 Plus City Edition now start at $56,000 instead of $62,500.

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Price excludes a $3,000 City Edition discount as well as a $1,200 destination fee. All this is accompanied by a cheaper lease, with the possibility of taking over the VF 8 Eco City Edition for $519/month and a down payment of $6,314.

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Despite these improvements and price drop, the value of the vehicle is questionable. For example, the recent Tesla cut caused the ModelY Dual Motor Long Range lower your cost to $53,490

That is, there is only a difference of $7,680 with a vehicle that offers 330 miles, taking into account destination rates and the City Edition discount. Also, VinFast is much slower since it only offers 349hp, to reach 100 kph in 6.5 seconds.

Things get worse when you look at the 402-hp VF 8 Plus City Edition. At $54,200, it’s just $680 cheaper than the aforementioned Model Y, for less range and being slower.

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