Volkswagen announces MEB+ platform for electric vehicles

Volkswagen announces MEB+ platform for electric vehicles

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The Volkswagen Group has seen how several reports about its roadmap to the electric vehicle have recently come to light. What is striking are the last-minute changes that they would have made to adapt to recent events. The company itself confirmed several issues that are decisive in its commitment to electrification.

Volkswagen pointed out that su factory in Wolfsburg, Germany will have a leading role in the transition. The plant will be converted into a powerhouse for the production of battery electric vehicles. The project was also approved Trinity.

Volkswagen factory in Wolfsburg prepares for the electric age

The German brand made an investment of €460 million at its car production center located in Wolfsburg for the beginning of 2025. Thomas Schäfer, CEO of Volkswagen, made the announcement, which he will take advantage of to make the new VW ID.3 which will debut soon.

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This Volkswagen ID.3 will begin to be produced in 2023, but it would be in 2024 when the set volume is reached and in 2025 an increase in capacity would arrive.

Volkswagen announces the launch of the MEB+ platform

The base of the vehicle in question will be the MEB+ platform, an improved version of the already known MEB, although exclusive for battery EVs.

Schäfer highlights that this architecture offers electric vehicles with greater autonomy and reduced charging times.

“The MEB still has significant potential. Our ambition is to take this platform to the next level. To that end, we are making substantial investments in advancing this technology. The MEB+ places us in an excellent position for the coming years”, Schäfer stated.

The Trinity Project and the SSP platform

After its arrival on the market of the new ID.3 and a new electric SUV is produced whose name is not known, the firm will be able to focus on an ambitious project Trinity.

The date of this has not been confirmed, but its launch was confirmed. A car that will be based on the SSP platform, being the first with this architecture.

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