Volkswagen brings news for 2023: new electric ID., new Passat Variant and more

Volkswagen brings news for 2023
Volkswagen brings news for 2023

2023 will be a key year for Volkswagen in the field of sustainable mobility and, more specifically, electrification. The German brand is working on an ambitious product offensive. Thus, Volkswagen brings Important news for this 2023.

The German agenda is filled with some expected releases such as the new generation of the Volkswagen Passat, the debut of new models of the ID. family, the renewal of an SUV and will reveal a van with plug-in hybrid technology (PHEV). Here we tell you what we can expect from the news that will bring:

The new VW Caddy PHEV

Volkswagen brings news for 2023, Caddy PHEV
Image courtesy of – Volkswagen brings news for 2023, Caddy PHEV

The compact van of the Germans has become the protagonist of a competitive segment that until recently dominated Stellantis. The disappearance of the touring versions of the Berlingo, Rifter and Combo Life vans paved the way for the Caddya model that will debut a PHEV variant in 2023.

The Caddy will debut VW’s new eHybrid technology. Combining a 1.5-liter TSI gasoline engine with an electric one and will be associated with a 6-speed dual-clutch DSG automatic transmission. The electric autonomy will exceed the 50 km barrier. Therefore, it will display the 0 Emissions environmental badge of the DGT (General Directorate of Traffic) with the mobility advantages that it entails.

The renewed Volkswagen ID.3 arrives

Image courtesy of – Volkswagen brings news for 2023, the ID.3

Volkswagen will renew the first car of the family ID. of electric vehicles. The ID.3 it will suffer a “facelift” that will allow this generation to face the rest of its commercial life that it has left. An update that will come loaded with news both in terms of design and equipment. As well as technological level.

The new ID.3 It will debut a 12″ touchscreen infotainment system. Likewise, it will sport an extensive list of driving assistance systems and the powertrain will be perfected to improve efficiency and, therefore, increase the range of the German electric car. The exterior will be updated to sport a new look.

The new VW ID.7 debuts

Volkswagen brings news for 2023, the ID.7
Image courtesy of – Volkswagen brings news for 2023, the ID.7

The electric offensive of vw will reach a new level in 2023 with the launch of a very important electric car: the production version of the VW ID. Aero. An electric that will bear the name of VW ID.7 and that it will position itself as the electric alternative to the Passat. It will arrive at dealerships to deal with, among others, the Tesla Model 3.

The ID.7 will be developed on Volkswagen’s MEB platform, and will be equipped with a 77 kWh lithium-ion battery that will give it a range of up to 620 km thanks to a drag coefficient of 0.23, among other things.

The new VW Passat Variant

Image courtesy of – Volkswagen brings news for 2023, Passat Variant

the fireproof Passat will debut a new generation in 2023. Despite all the changes in the market for Europe and the launch of the new ID. Aerothe German manufacturer has decided to continue a model that has brought it many commercial successes throughout the territory that makes up the old continent.

It will have important changes in the range with the arrival of the new generation. Available only in station wagon variant. The Passat Variant It will be available in gasoline and diesel engines. In addition, the versions with PHEV technology will gain prominence by offering a higher electric range and, therefore, a higher level of efficiency.

Volkswagen Touareg update

Volkswagen brings news for 2023, Touareg
Image courtesy of – Volkswagen brings news for 2023, Touareg

Coming to the end we have the largest SUV marketed by Volkswagen in the European market. The volkswagen touareg, will not be oblivious to the news that the German manufacturer plans. And proof of this is that in 2023 it will receive an update. On the agenda is scheduled the launch of a facelift for the current generation that is in dealerships.

It will not only debut a renewed exterior design, but will also be the creditor of a more technological interior. In addition, the mechanical offer of the Touareg. 48-volt mild hybrid (MHEV) technology will make its way through thermal versions. And the plug-in hybrid versions will also be subject to changes, thus releasing a higher capacity battery, improving its electrical autonomy.


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