Volkswagen ID.1 and Cupra Raval, this is how low cost electric cars will be for all types of customers in Spain

So are the electric models low cost, Volkswagen ID.1 Of the brand volkswagen Y cupra-raval of the firm cuprafor the Spanish territory.

Low cost models for Spain

The acceptance of Volkswagen Group of PERTE of the electric car has quite positive implications for the motor industry in the Spanish territory, since this implies an investment of several million in three plants: Landaben, Sagunto and Martorell.

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The two models will share a platform, raising the step of access to the brand’s range of electric cars.

They will use the small BEV Platform, which will be used for all the smaller and electric models, paving the way for utility vehicles, as is the case of the B-SUV, where will be located Volkswagen ID.2.


The models differ in their design. The Raval will be similar to Cupra Urban Rebel, being more robust and compact, with an aggressive but sporty character.

The Volkswagen ID.1perhaps it inherits the traits of the prototype ID Lifewith a slightly more square design.

The length of the two models will reach four meters, similar to the volkswagen polo Y Seat Ibiza.

Although we do not know about the specifications in terms of engines, they should arrive with the same ones as their brothers (Volkswagen ID.3 Y Cupra Born), based on the 150 CV, and generating the 204 or 231 CV of these. Various sizes of batteries are expected, between 35 and 55 kWh. Their initial prices must be between 20,000 and 25,000 euros.

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