Volkswagen presents an office chair with 12 km of autonomy

volkswagen has just presented an innovative proposal, in what looks like a piece of furniture that could be in any home or office, but with the ability to move people.

It is a product of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles in Norway, simply called chair, with a top speed of 12 mph thanks to its electric motor that drives its big wheels.

These wheels are 4” aluminum which are controlled with a direction and with a charged battery offer a range of 12 kilometers or 7.4 miles. That should be enough to get a person to the bathroom at home for at least a week or to avoid a cranky boss in an office.

After the person is in the seat and buckled up, they will have a large amount of equipment at their fingertips. The LED headlights and light strips work to illuminate dark hallways. It also has a horn to alert anyone who passes by.

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In the back there is a barrel towing hitch or anything else not so heavy that the pilot can think of.

It has an infotainment system to keep the owner informed of everything that happens with the chair. Among the features, its 360º sensor and backup camera to look behind stand out.

This creation is intended to help publicize the brand’s line of vans and commercial vehicles, and the strategy caught on, as it is reaching various media.

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