Volkswagen To Make R Performance An Electric Only Sub-Brand By 2030

Volkswagen plans to become a fully electric car maker by 2035. The transition will include the company’s R performance sub-brand, but will be EV-only faster than the rest of the lineup. Company confirmed with Autocar that all its R-branded vehicles will run on electricity only by 2030.

Reinhold Ivenz, boss of the R brand, told the publication that they had already started taking the necessary steps to prepare for the transformation. The automaker also confirmed that it has “several electric R models in the planning stages.” However, no one has given a timeline for when we might see the first electric R models. The automaker is considering “various concepts and possibilities” right now, which makes it sound like we could wait a few years before the first electric R launches.

Volkswagen provided few details about this future model, but “fast and convenient” charging will be a feature. The vehicle will also benefit from the latest technology derived from the concept and the race track. According to the publication, Volkswagen’s Scalable Systems Platform will likely support the new electric R model.

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The EV-only R brand should cover a wide range of products. Volkswagen has added badges to several different models over the years, including the iconic Golf, Tiguan, T-Roc and others. The first electric R could come from one of the VW ID branded vehicles, which are selling well. ID.4 hits new sales record in the US in Q3 2022.

Volkswagen’s shift to EVs won’t happen overnight, with the company planning a gradual transition. While the company is laying the groundwork for its electrification strategy right now, there’s always a chance it could change. Toyota is reportedly reassessing its strategy as consumers shift to EVs sooner than anticipated.

The VW R’s move to an electric-only powertrain is no surprise. There have been rumors of such a model in development for several years, at least since 2018. However, nothing materialized, but that will change in the years to come. We expect to see the first electric R models sooner rather than later, as these high-performance models will have to face stiff competition as time goes on.

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