Volkswagen updates the Tiguan 2024, it will arrive bigger and rounder (+ IMAGES)

Volkswagen updates the Tiguan 2024, it will arrive bigger and rounder (+ IMAGES)

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Volkswagen Tiguan 2024 It will arrive with new updates, with a more curvilinear body that gives the most popular model of Volkswagen a more complete and luxurious appearance.

Volkswagen Tiguan 2024

Volkswagen updated his Tiguan Big sales for the 2022 model year, but for 2024 the compact SUV will arrive with a more streamlined makeover.

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The latest update was a facelift, this year the firm will introduce a new third-generation iteration of the high-rise family model.


In the images we can see that the Tiguan III It will leave behind the current model’s angular bodywork and protruding horizontal lines for a simpler, more curvaceous look.

It shows wider front and rear fenders, making the SUV appear larger and more high-end, not unlike the Touareg.


The wheelbase of the Tiguan The standard five-seat will be wider than the current model’s 105.6″ (2,681 mm) to allow for more interior space. However, it will not be enough for the great demand since the Tiguan base is currently the longer wheelbase version (109.9″ / 2791 mm), marketed as Tiguan All Space in other markets, available with a third row of seats.


The front grill and rear bumper will not look like we think.


This prototype features a tape costume to mimic the grille and bumper design of the current Tiguanhowever the actual grille will be narrower, for a similar appearance to that of the Golf Mk8.

The interior will feature a tablet touchscreen and a separate digital instrument cluster, though the tablet will be larger and boxier than the one installed in the ID.4 and the ID.Buzz.

The Tiguan It will continue with its mix of gasoline, diesel and hybrid engines, although a choice of front-wheel drive and four-wheel drives is expected.

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