Volvo EX90 Teases Headrest And Headlight Ahead Of Debut November 9th

The Volvo EX90 debuted in just a few days, but before that happens, the automaker has a few teasers to share. The two images are just like many others in that they are less visible, highlighting the headrests and what appear to be headlights.

Volvo teased the exterior design of the SUV last week, obscuring the vehicle beyond recognition. However, the Thor’s Hammer headlight motif shines, and that’s what one of the photos shows. A new teaser comes from Volvo Car UK on social media, posting a photo with the caption, “Almost 100 years of safety, about to be revealed in its newest form.”

Ahead of the EX90’s debut, the automaker emphasized that safety and technology will be at the forefront with this new model. Volvo crams an electric SUV with sensors inside and out so the car can understand its surroundings and the people inside. Volvo will not only train the camera on the driver, but will also cover the interior with a radar capable of detecting a sleeping child or forgotten pet. It will have 16 ultrasonic sensors, eight cameras and five radars for the exterior only, with an advanced LiDAR system integrated into the roof of the SUV.

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Volvo is laying the groundwork for a world where unattended autonomous driving is possible. However, cars with full-scale, ubiquitous self-driving capabilities are likely years or decades away. The automaker positions LiDAR as high as possible on the vehicle so it can see as far away as possible. It is capable of detecting pedestrians up to 250 meters (820 feet).

The automaker hasn’t teased anything about the powertrain yet, and we likely won’t learn anything this close to its reveal. We believe Volvo is focused on maximizing reach as opposed to hands-on performance. The EX90 will also be home to recycled materials, with Volvo using approximately 50 kilograms (110 pounds) of recycled bio-based materials and plastics in vehicle construction.

Leaked patent images reveal the EX90 long before Volvo was ready, showing off an SUV that looks similar to the brand’s current model. It doesn’t look like the EX90 will stray far from the company’s current design language, but we’ll know for sure when the model debuts on Wednesday, November 9.

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