Volvo responds to BMW and Mercedes ruling out using their controversial subscription formula

The subscription equipment formula continues to raise blisters. With brands like BMW and Mercedes at the forefront, the concept of payment for use to enjoy depending on which equipment is still not convincing the general publicwhich is why other brands are exploring their own formulas. Volvo also believes in subscription equipment, but applying it in a different way to its German rivalswhich aims to make the Swedish brand an interesting alternative for all those who are not convinced by the subscription.

After the irruption of the concept of equipment under subscription last 2022 by BMW and Mercedes, the truth is that There are still very different opinions about this new purchasing format in the world of automobiles. The idea that, after buying a car, enjoying available functions or equipment is only possible through an extra payment, does not end up liking many customers.

The equipment under subscription is one of the great debates of the moment in the automotive industry

In some BMW models, being able to use the car’s heated seats (which are already installed) supposes an extra monthly payment of 17 euroswhile Mercedes follows the same steps by “forcing” you to a monthly subscription if you want to fully enjoy the directional rear axle of your EQS (which is already installed) or to be able to use the maximum autonomy that the Mercedes EQE battery allows (battery that is also installed). We are therefore talking about functions that, despite being available, are blocked by software so that they can only be used if we pay for it..

Thus, Volvo wants to distance itself from this controversy, because although the Swedish brand also agrees with the equipment under subscription, it intends to apply it in a different way. As declared by the head of operations of Volvo, Björn Annwall, the Swedish brand only intends to use the subscription for equipment and functions of great importance such as autonomous driving, ruling out following in the footsteps of BMW and Mercedes. The reason? Given the prices of cars like the new EX90, where it will be easy to move around 90,000 euros, Volvo does not see the point of charging extra to be able to use the heated seats.

But with that said, We must also not forget that Volvo’s idea of ​​charging a subscription to enjoy autonomous driving is also quite questionable.because the cars where this technology will be available will already have the hardware and software installed to be able to use this function, so the owner of said vehicle will already have paid for each and every one of the installed components, in addition to the development that exists behind it. them.

Font: Bloomberg

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