Volvo shows a teaser of an electric SUV that will debut in 2023

The Volvo EX90 2023 already debuted to take the place of vehicle badge of the firm, which is mounted on an architecture dedicated to EV. During the transmission of his presentation, Volvo took the opportunity to give a surprise at the end of the event.

A video showed the silhouette of the EX90 with a second SUV a little smaller in front of him. Behind both cars appeared the year 2023 on a big screen.

This makes it clear that Volvo is developing its second dedicated electric SUV. Jim Rowan, CEO of the manufacturer, at the end of the presentation he advised viewers to stay tuned for something else. Although he finally said that “that’s for another day”.

The silhouette showed that it is a new SUV smaller than the EX90. Taillights similar to the featured model can also be seen, and the outline suggests a roofline. tall similar to XC of the company in front of an elegant and crossed form.

Now, Volvo already has the XC40 Recharge as a small SUV but this model looks a bit bigger and its taillight design is different. In addition, the XC40 Recharge has shared fundamentals with the XC40 Combustion. The new Volvo EXs should have their own dedicated platforms.

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It is likely that it is the EX60 and, the evidence that supports the theory, is that Volvo is preparing a dedicated electric SUV that is positioned between the XC60 and the XC90. So an EX60 fits into that scenario which also comprises launch two new SUVs in the next few years. The long-term goal is to be an electricity company by 2030.

If it’s like the EX90, it should have Volvo’s evolutionary technology. The brand calls the EX90 «a highly advanced computer on wheels«, which adds 3D software and multiple ADAS assists. Dual electric motors offer 496HP and a range of 300 miles.

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