Waze predicted this accident before it happened (+Video)

Waze predicted this accident before it happened (+Video)

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Waze is competing to become the best navigation app and its ability to detect accidents seems to have reached the levels of a psychic, after it detected a accident before it happens.

The event was recorded by the dashcam of a car and was shared in Reddit and captures the moment when an accident occurred between a white van and a FedEx truck. The unusual thing is that Waze uses the camera to predict the block before it happens.

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In the clip, the white van is seen parking behind the delivery truck and facing the camera. The truck driver keeps his turn signal on and everything indicates that he wants to shift to the Center Lane. Waze is then heard warning the driver that there is a “accident reported later. Seconds later the truck crashes.

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The driver of the white van doesn’t seem to be in the mood to stop to exchange details with the driver of the FedEx, and then decides to move into the left lane and flee.

What is striking is the immediate alert from Waze, which suggests that it predicted the accident. In the comments of the Reddit post, reveals that there was another accident “a little further on.” That was the one Waze was answering.

In conclusion, it was just a coincidence that the warning came just at that moment.

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