Waze will warn you so that you avoid the roads where you are more likely to suffer a serious accident

Although Google Maps is famous worldwide, more and more drivers prefer to use Waze because it offers unique properties that tip the balance in their favor. Probably the best of all are the contributions from the community with which they shape complete maps with warnings for almost any incident. Now, Waze is testing a new feature that could help drivers avoid the most dangerous roads.

Can you imagine that your navigation application warns you of the sections where there are more possibilities of having an accident? This is the starting point of the new tool that is being tested in a beta version of Waze: the objective is to smooth out the roads that have a statistically high number of accidents based on the data provided by the community of the aforementioned application. .

A customizable functionality

On this, he has informed ‘Geektime’ via ‘The Verge’. The new functionality it would dye the roads near the driver that are considered high risk red and also display a pop-up notification indicating the distance. With this they intend to lend a hand to drivers so that they are prepared to avoid or drive through a section where, at least according to the number of accidents, the road conditions entail more risk.

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The same post explains that Waze may not display this notice on those roads that the driver uses frequently. It also adds that the application will only send a single alert and that the user can deactivate the function in the notifications section.

The test country

The test is taking place in Israel, where there are risky sections known to drivers as red roads: these are areas where a high number of serious accidents have taken place in the same circumstances. Users in this country with access to the beta version of Waze will be met with a pop-up window informing them of the trial with the following message: “You may see ‘Accident History’ alerts on some roads.”

The truth is that not all beta tools make it to the final versions of the application. There is a possibility that the feature will be removed at a later stage, but In the case of Waze, reaching this level generally means that it will end up rolling out to all users. If so, it would be one of the first features the app would add since it became part of the group that oversees Google Maps.

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