What do we call a surface parking space and how is it different from a garage or a standard parking space

If we have a car, we will always have the need to park it or park it somewhere, whether we are at home, office, shopping or walking in the city, or anywhere else. We all would like to have a well-protected garage in our home. In urbanizations it is common for the owner to be assigned a Surface parking space or underground.

Here today you will learn what is a surface parking space and its difference from a garage in a home or a parking space, as well as other elements that are important for you to understand.

What is a parking space?

To understand what a surface parking space is, we must first understand what a parking place. A parking space is a type of real estate that is used exclusively to park a car. Because they are considered real estate, when purchased, the purchase is taxed.

What is a parking space on the surface?

Having defined what a garage floor is, we are going to define what a surface parking space is: This is nothing more than that space which, being located, is a private space, it is not built, it is delimited by the surface that makes up the square itself.

To this must be added the proportional part of the closed common areas, which correspond to the access and circulation spaces. They are very common in urbanizations or in communities of owners.

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The garage space can be located on the surface, underground or elevated. In the case that concerns us, the parking space on the surface is the one that is at the level of the road. It can be found indoors or outdoors exposed to environmental factors. The latter is usually the cheapest.

Difference between garage and parking space?

The garage is characterized by being a space for common use, both neighbors and owners can walk on its surface. While a parking space is an absolutely private space, the use of which is exclusively intended for its owner.

Size of the parking space on the surface

A parking space, regardless of its type, must have certain measures according to the municipality in which you are located, since each locality has a general urban planning plan.

For example, if you are in Madrid, its municipal regulations indicate that a parking space must measure 2.25 meters wide and 4.50 meters long. On the other hand, in Barcelona, ​​the regulations that have been in force since 1998, establish smaller measures: 2.20 meters wide by 4.50 meters long.

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How do you park in a surface parking space?

The garage space is used so that the assigned car can be parked, within its limits, and can only be the car designated by the owneras It is exclusively for private use..

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