What does blue title mean?

Car documents are just as important as maintenance. This contains information about the property and, in some cases, warns a potential buyer not to proceed with the transaction.

Having a car title is essential, as it helps maintain ownership and keep thieves at bay but above all indicates if the vehicle was salvaged or not through colour.

Different colors of car titles

As a general rule, a blue title hints that the car has a salvage title and the term originates from color of the paper on which said documentation was printed.

Therefore, the ideal would be to have the green title, since it refers to a car in good condition.

That being said, in some states the aforementioned blue title means the vehicle is in good condition. Interested parties must Verify that you have clean documentation and that you have not declared a total loss by an insurance company.

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In the state of Texas, blue means that it is a clean and unencumbered car. In these places pink or purple is used to identify a salvage car.

For their part, the vehicles that have been damaged or burned to the point of becoming junk receive the orange title.

Salvage Title and How to Clean It

If the color indicates that the vehicle has a salvage title, you can assume that:

  • The car has damage or missing parts that cost more to replace or repair than they are worth.
  • Comes out of state with a salvage title stating accident damage, flood damage, inoperability or something like that.
  • It is not an out of state vehicle but has a rebuilt title or is a car that an insurance company paid to repair damage caused by hail or theft.

However, it does not mean that all is lost. The insurance company will likely consider that you have a Too high cost to fix. You cannot legally insure or drive it unless:

  • Repair the vehicle, fixing whatever wrecked it in the first place
  • Get a thorough inspection through the official designated avenues required by your state
  • Complete all the necessary paperwork and submit it to the DMV
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After that, the DMV would have to approve everything and your car would receive the “reconstructed” title.

Problems that come with the rebuilt title

Owning salvage cars is often problematic, the most common being financing. When you buy, you will almost always have to pay Money in advance, while lenders will be dubious because the actual value is debatable.

Another problem is associated with insurance companies, since they can increase rates for cars that are not roadworthy.

Lastly, the resale value will go down. Being an unreliable vehicle, it will be very difficult to sell.


When purchasing a car, it is critical that you check the title on the local DMV website to determine if it is a salvage vehicle.

In case of suspicion, it would be best to stop the purchase and, if there is no turning back, try to repair it, taking into account the high cost involved.

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