What exactly is the rear window, and how does it differ from the front windshield in terms of materials?

What exactly is the rear window, and how does it differ from the front windshield in terms of materials?

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The rear window of a car plays a fundamental role for the driver’s visibility of what is behind the car. Like the other windows in the car, the rear window serves definite and important purposes, both in terms of visibility and safety.

Here you will find answers to many aspects that are related to it, such as knowing what is rear window and what it has been designed for, among other things.

What is the rear window?

The term rear window, refers to the piece of glass opposite the windshield of a car. It may contain heating coils or antennas, which will depend on the year, make and model of the car. car rear window helps protect car occupants from falling debris.

It also offers a direct view of the road and any obstruction behind the car.. It prevents the occupants from being ejected during some type of accident and helps to support the structure of the car. With the exception of some commercial cars, most cars have a rear window.

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Why is the rear window of a car important?

The rear window is important for several reasons:

  • Provides greater driving comfort by giving the driver greater visibility, whether looking in the rearview mirror or reversing.
  • Protects the car against theft, damage and bad weather.
  • It provides the car with greater force in the event of collisions. Without the rear window, the car deforms much more easily in the event of a collision.
  • It also provides essential features: the rear window of a car has a built-in de-icer system, a windshield wiper and a third brake light high level on top of the hatch, generally referred to as the third brake light.
  • Some cars have a radio antenna and a GPS receiver. All these are functions that can be damaged if the rear window of the car is broken or damaged.

For all these benefits, the rear window of a car is more than just a glass: it is a very important element of the protection of your vehicle, but also of your safety and comfort when driving.

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How are car rear windows different from front windshields?

The front windshield of a car is generally made of laminated glass, which is composed of two sheets of car glass, which are bonded to a layer of polyvinylbutyral or other adhesive resin.

The rear window of a car is usually made of tempered glass.. Tempered glass is glass that has been treated with heat, pressure, or chemicals to strengthen it. When a rear window is broken, the tempered glass often breaks into many small pieces..

When the front windshield glass is broken, the adhesive resin layer usually holds the glass pieces in place, preventing the glass from breaking.

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