What is a moon in a car, and how important is it?

What is a moon in a car, and how important is it?

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One thing is certain, when talking about car windows, is that everyone knows how to lower and raise them. But there is much that must be known about the Moon of a car, from what type they can be, to how to clean them.

As technology advances, car windows are becoming safer. here you will learn what is the moon of a carwhat are its properties and some other related aspects.

What is the moon of a car?

When driving, it is important that you can see clearly in all directionsIn this sense, the windows of a car give greater visibility to the left and right side of a car. The window is also responsible for preventing objects or other elements from entering the passenger compartment..

In the event of some type of accident, it also helps prevent the occupants of the car from being thrown out of it. The windows are usually manufactured in different types and layers of laminates. These can be thermal, athermic and also tinted, although there is a greater variety. They can also be made in different types of glass.

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Types of glass that manufacturers usually mount

Car windows are made of different types of safety glass. This with the intention of protecting both the structure of the car and the occupants inside.

temperate moon

this kind of moon consists of a layer of glass hardened through thermal processes, where ovens at temperatures of 600°C are used. They are usually 5mm thick. They are very resistant to impacts and when it breaks it usually breaks into hundreds of small pieces. It is used for the side windows and the rear window of the car.

laminated moon

This type of glass is generally used on the windshield. Its composition is much more complex than a tempered glass, manufacturers insert a thin layer of film between two layers of glass and fuse them together using heat and pressure to make a laminated glass.

The current laminated glass consists of a thin layer of polyvinylbutyral inserted between two layers of solid glass.

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tinted moon

This kind of moons they have been treated in their manufacture with a type of color to make a tinted glass, which can be blue, green or dark. This type of glass helps reduce glare and keeps the car cooler in direct sunlight.

electrochromic windows

This type of windows have a photochromic characteristic, being able to lighten or darken, according to the incidence of direct sunlight on the windows.

athermic moons

This type of moon decreases being dazzled by the great luminosity that usually exists at certain times of the year. The windows are colored with certain metal oxides that are dissolved in the glass during the manufacturing process. These oxides are usually colored green, blue and bronze.

They are windows that allow the desired temperature to be reached inside the passenger compartment in a shorter time.

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