What is a rear-view mirror with a camera and what are its advantages over the internal central rear-view mirror?

At some point have you been in a driving situation where you simply wish you could have seen more of the road. You may not be able to see behind you because your view is blocked by cargo, people, or pets. In these situations it is best to have a mirror with camerawhich can help us in cases where rear visibility is compromised.

Cars have always needed the help of mirrors, so that drivers can see around them. But with the advances in technology, helping yourself with mirrors has become a bit obsolete. here you will learn what is a rearview camera and how these have been replacing the functionality of the mirrors.

What is a camera rear view mirror?

A rear-view mirror with a camera is a device that has an integrated camera, which allows you to see what is behind the car on a screen. A camera rear view mirror is designed to be both a normal mirror and a screen. When in screen mode, you can see everything you see on the camera.

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Generally, this camera is usually place on the rear window, pointing directly behind the car. If we want to turn off the camera and only use the rearview mirror, by touching a button the screen will turn off.

Camera mirrors are starting to become more common in cars, as camera and screen technology has been increasing in quality and as it becomes more popular, its price goes down.

Difference between rear view mirror and rear view camera

The main difference between a rear view mirror and a rear view camera is the way the view is generated. The rearview mirror simply reflects the image of objects back to your eyes.. In order to see in the direction you want to see you must tilt the mirror to point at the object you want to see.

The rear-view mirror with camera, on the other hand, uses a camera to perform a real-time video transmission. By means of a screen integrated inside the rearview mirror, the video image is shown. Since it is the camera that captures the image, this is the one that should be pointed at what is behind the car.

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The camera captures everything behind the car, so you do not have to adjust the angle or point it at an object as you would with a rear view mirror.

Do camera mirrors work at night?

The camera mirrors have a software that allows them to automatically focus and adjust to outside lighting. So you can use a rear view camera at night, in the same way that you can normally use a rear view mirror.

Benefits of a camera rear view mirror

The main benefit of a camera rear view mirror is the largest field of vision you get, virtually eliminating blind spots thanks to its wide field of vision. Another advantage that may make rearview camera worth having is the lack of visual obstructions of people and cargo.

offer many image settings, being able to adjust the field of view, move left and right, or tilt up and down on the fly. This will mean you never have to worry about readjusting the mirror again.

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