What is a skid, and what cars and tires are the best to do it

The drift seen as a discipline of motor sports is currently booming, and it is an attraction that usually attracts many people. These can be thrill-seekers or spectators who share the adrenaline rush.

Everyone, at some point, has liked a sports car, either for its speed and definitely for its ability to drift. The drift like a motorsport It goes beyond what you have seen in movies and here we are going to tell you what it is and other things you should know.

What is drift?

Car skidding consists of using oversteer to make the car drive sideways in corners. This has to happen at high speed while maintaining speed all the time and the driver remains in full control of the car.

In other words, skidding is turning a car sharply, thus causing traction on the rear wheels of the car. Driver control the car to make a full turn. Skidding is achieved when the rear angle is greater than the front angle to the point where the wheels face in the opposite direction of the turn.

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The car can be found turning left, but the front wheels are facing right. That’s when the skid occurs.

What cars are best for drifting?

In theory, all cars have the ability to drift. However, the cars that have rear wheel drive are the best when using this technique. A four-wheel drive car can also do a good drift.

It is also preferable that it be a car with a manual transmission so that the driver can exploit its full potential. the only way to do a good drift is having complete control of the gears and the clutch.

Cars built to drift they have a special differential that distributes and balances the power between the front and rear axles. In these types of cars, drivers do not have driving aids such as anti-lock braking system or traction control to maintain full control of the car when needed.

What tires are considered best for drifting?

Drifting needs more than a few tires, as the technique quickly wears down the rubber on the tires. If you want to start drifting, you can buy relatively cheap rear tires and invest more in front tiresbecause these are essential for grip, traction and cornering control.

Professionals often use grippy front tires or even slick tires, which are tires that do not have any design on the tread.

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Tire pressure also has a big impact and is highly dependent on the type of car being used as well as personal preference. You have to think that the drift is an elegant artistic composition that uses a four-wheeled vehicle as an instrument..

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