What is an oil pan and what is its function

In this article you will learn what is a oil panfunction, care and more, being part of a car engine.

Oil pan and its meaning

It is a piece of engine lubrication system in motor cars. Popularly known as the oil pan.

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Contains the engine oil required for its lubrication. The oil is extracted through a oil pump and is transported by oil filter to the engine block oil passages.


It is usually screwed into the lowest point of the engine, below the crankshaft mechanism in the crankcase. has a oil drain plugwhich is used to drain the oil when changing it.

Its function is to defoam and cool the heated oil that returns to the sump..

This piece is usually made of embedded sheet metal. To optimize the cooling of the oil sump fins can be attached to the casing.

Security and value retention

Although it is made of a robust and resistant material, it can be damaged if it hits the ground. If this happens, you should go to a mechanical workshop to avoid oil leaks. Since a constant loss of oil damages the engine as it is not well lubricated. When changing the oil, it should never exceed the size of the crankcase.

To avoid air bubbles reduce the effectiveness of lubrication.

environment protection

Oil leaks tend to contaminate the waters, so it must be avoided at all costs to avoid damaging the environment.

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