What is the best month to buy a car in Spain and why?

December is the best month to buy a car in Spain, but strikingly it is one of the months in which there are fewer sales. Below we explain the reasons.

During the months of 2022 for which data from the Spanish market is available, there are 739,469 registrations of cars and SUVs. In the month of November they sold 73,221 passenger cars, that is, 10.3% more than that month in 2021. But in general terms, the figures are declining when compared to the pre-pandemic.

The manufacturers estimate that the month of December will allow improve sales to reduce the gap.

December, the month of discounts

At the end of the year, the concessionaires must present accounts and in order to achieve the objectives set, they carry out business tactics What self-registrations.

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In search of giving outlets to vehicles in stock, they carry out price cuts p extra gifts, such as better financing options.

What the license plate says

The discounts are the main reason why it should be the month with the most registrations, but it is the opposite.

There are two reasons that explain this phenomenon. The first has to do with the economic factor, since in December there are higher household expenses for Spaniards.

The other is the car age. At the end of the year, there is a difference between announcing a 2022 car than a 2023 car, even if the latter was purchased in January.

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