What is the checkered flag and how has it become a symbol of motorsport?

What is the checkered flag and how has it become a symbol of motorsport?

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In motorsports, the checkered flag it is well known and marks an important moment within the competition. His sight is indicative that the competition is over. That’s what most people know about the checkered flag, but there’s much more behind it.

What you do not know is what you are going to learn, so that you can really understand what is the checkered flag. In addition, you will know some other details that revolve around his concept and that can be very useful.

What is the checkered flag?

It is a flag designed with a pattern of black and white squares, like a chessboard.which is used to signal that a car has crossed the finish line and completed its race. This flag is waved as a sign that a car has crossed the finish line or is the winner.

This flag has remained with few significant changes throughout its history and its role continues to be of vital importance; since as mentioned above, It is the signal that indicates that there is already a winner in the race and marks the end of it. or a workout.

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Black and white colors have long been associated with victory and progress.making them an appropriate symbol for any event that requires celebration.

Origins of the checkered flag

In 1906, during a road rally in Glidden Tours, a route divided into sections was carried out, which to control the time taken, the race officials used checkered flags to identify themselves.

The first photographic record of the use of a checkered flag was also in 1906, to finish a race on Long Island, New York.. This was in the Vanderbilt Cup race.

What should a driver do at the sight of a checkered flag?

The black and white checkered flag it means session ended. The leader of the race is the winner and the drivers must slow down to a safe speed after crossing the finish line.

Can the checkered flag start a race?

Not! A checkered flag is used to indicate that the race has finished, not to start it. Once that flag is displayed at the start/finish line, as each driver crosses that line, they must slow down and return to their pits.. A solid green flag indicates the track is clear and signals the start of the race

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What does the checkered flag mean in NASCAR?

The race ends when this flag flies. Each car remaining on the track must cross the start-finish line and go under the checkered flag for its finishing position to be officially scored.. The checkered flag is often also used at the end of each driver’s qualifying attempt.

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