What is the crankshaft and how much does it cost

Here we will learn what is a crankshaftwhat it is for and what its value is, among other things.

What is the crankshaft in a car?

This engine part goes inside the bottom end of a car engine and converts the vertical motion of the pistons into horizontal rotational motion.

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In current vehicles, it consists of ‘releases’ evenly spaced (there are four in a four-cylinder engine), attached to the bottom of the pistons by connecting rods.



By engaging the clutch, rotational energy is transmitted through the gearbox and differential to the driveshafts.

Camshaft vs Crankshaft

A camshaft It is located in the upper part of the engine and the crankshaft is in charge of driving it through a chain or timing belt.

The camshaft has cam lobes throughout their size they work with the valvetrain (made up of the pushrod, valve lifter, valve spring, valve and tappet or rocker arm).


The camshaft rotating cam lobes open and close the engine valves. These vary in size and shape depending on the engine.


What’s wrong with the crankshafts?

A crankshaft It is a complex piece of engineering including crank pins, oil passages, keyway, main journals and the flywheel mounting flange.

The vibrations increase and damage the bearings in which the crankshaft is mounted, as well as the connecting rods and pistons.

The crankshaft sensors must be repaired on time, although sometimes it is not possible to do so. a light of “check engine” on the dashboard, it reports that the vehicle needs immediate attention.

How does a supercharger work with a crankshaft?

Some drive units are equipped with a supercharger, which attaches a pulley to the end of the part, attached to the supercharger by a belt.

When the engine is running, this it rotates rapidly, driving the pulley, which moves the belt.

This allows the turbine in the supercharger to work, drawing in air and increasing the power the engine generates.

Main types of crankshaft repair

  • Grinding
  • Bandage
  • Polished
  • crankshaft pulley repair
  • channel cleaning
  • Replacing connecting rod bearings
  • Balancing of the crankshaft


Repair price list

The following price list shows the average price of the items that are constantly traded.

The average cost of a repair is between US$50 and US$105. Labor costs are between US$130 and US$165. A new part costs between US$150 and more than US$250. .

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