What is the name change of a car, how do you have to do it and what documentation do you need

When we buy a second-hand car it is important that we take a series of things into account. Obviously, we have to make sure that the car is in good condition, and in addition, we have to check that the car has no charges or debts, for this we can request the simple note of the car or a detailed report of the vehicle in the DGT. Once we are sure that the car is fine and we finally decide to buy it, the second part arrives, rename. This procedure is very important and here we explain what you have to do to change the owner of the car.

What is a car name change?

The change of name or ownership of a car is a procedure that we must do when we buy a second hand car, that is, you are already registered. It is done by a transfer in the DGT.

When we do this procedure, the car stops being in the name of the previous owner and becomes yours, so legally, the new owner of the car is you.

What requirements must you meet before changing the name of the car?

In order to change the name of the car you must:

  • Be discharged.
  • Have the Circulation Tax of the previous year paid.
  • have all the penalties paid.
  • Be free from any disposition limitation that it had in the Personal Property Registry.
  • Be Free of embargoes and seals.

If everything is in order, we can make the transfer.

Where can we carry out the procedure?

If we have acquired the car in a sale, we will not have to manage the process ourselves, but If we have bought it from an individual, yes. We have two ways by which we can carry out the process.

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We can make the transfer request online in the DGT register. When we submit the application, we will be given a supporting document and if any information is missing or something needs to be clarified, they will call us. When the transfer is already made, they will send us all the documentation of the vehicle in our name.

we can do it too in person delivering all the necessary documentation in a Traffic office.

The change of name of a car of special assumptions can be done in person (only if you are an individual) or electronically in the Common Electronic Registry of the AGE. It is considered as a special case:

  • Transfers where involved a seller or a buyer or seller with guardianship.
  • Death of the owner and inheritance.
  • Separation, divorce or breakup.
  • donations vehicular.
  • Historic vehicles.
  • vehicles with more than one headline.
  • Award at auction vehicular.

What documentation do you need to be able to change the owner?

The first thing we should do before carrying out the process of changing the owner is justify the payment, exemption or non-subjection of the property transfer tax, which is done in the autonomous community in which we have our fiscal domicile. It can be done electronically.

If it’s online we need the digital certificate, the electronic DNI or the cl@ve credentials and pay the fee that can be paid in the same application form. If we have paid the fee before, we only have to put the number of the fee that is in the proof of purchase. When we are already inside the registry we have to fill in the information of the buyer and the seller, with a copy of the seller’s DNI and the invoice or contract of sale. We also have to provide proof of Property Transfer Tax, or any other document that is necessary in case of special assumptions.

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If we are going to do the procedure in person, we will have to provide the completed and signed official form application for the seller and for the buyer, the invoice or the contract of sale signed by both parties, the ID of the buyer and the seller,proof of payment of the fee, the copy of the Property Transfer Tax and receipt.

We can pay the tax at the Traffic office if we have not yet paid the fee, but it must be done by credit or debit card, not in cash.

At the time of making the transfer we will be given the new driving license but it will only be valid if the ITV of the car is in force.

How much does it cost to change the name of the car?

As you can imagine, changing the owner of a car is not free. It is a price that you must add to buy a second-hand car.

In the event that it is a vehicle, the procedure will cost us €55.70. If it is a moped, the procedure costs €27.85.

Who can change the name of the car?

When carrying out the procedure in person, they can do it the buyer, the seller or a person who is authorized for one of the two.

When the procedure is done online, can only be done by the buyer or a person who is authorized in her name.

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How long do I have to request a name change?

If you are the buyer of the vehicle, You will have 30 days from the signing of the purchase contract to rename the car.

If it is not done within this period of time, the buyer You will not be able to circulate with the vehicle. In fact, you can even receive a penalty if the seller has already notified the sale of the car in the traffic headquarters.

What happens if the car has liens or seals?

To be able to circulate with the car, it is necessary to cancel the seals.

If the car has embargoes or seals, the name change can also be made, but one more document needs to be provided to all the documentation that is requested.

It’s a document signed by the buyer indicating that he is aware of the situation in which the vehicle is located.

If the vehicle has a seal, A Circulation Permit cannot be issued until said seal is cancelled. This means that you will not be able to circulate with the car until it is solved.

Therefore, if you are going to buy a second-hand car, it is best to make sure you don’t have any charges or debts and once you’ve bought it, make the name change as soon as possible so that you can circulate without problems and you are not sanctioned.

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